Trying to play DOTA 2 with lag and slow Internet

The Pain Point of Ping: 3 Esport games to play with slow Internet

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High ping is a real pain for Australian gamers, especially when you get into upper or even intermediate echelons of competition.

With Australia’s 60th world ranking in peak average broadband speeds and a Frankenstein NBN rollout contributing to our problem of ping, we thought we may as well ‘bunker in’ and look at the best games to play professionally in our land of slow Internet.

  1. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a card based strategy game published by Blizzard (StarCraft, Diablo, World of Warcraft).

Never intended as an esport title, Hearthstone has over 50 million players worldwide and has become a fast favourite among esport audiences. The collectible digital card game is Blizzard’s most watched title, and at one point even trumped DOTA 2 in Twitch viewership.

Being a turn based game, any forms of lag aren’t really an issue in Hearthstone.

Along with its deceptively easy game play and addictive viewing, we can imagine a diverse Australian community really getting on board with Hearthstone on the global esport scene.

  1. Rocket League

A newbie on the esport scene, Rocket League is an award winning game launched in 2015.

It’s a zany sports-action game that is essentially a huge soccer game with rocket cars slamming into the ball rather than humanoids kicking.

The competitive Rocket League is played in teams with 3 players, and like a real life soccer game requires a coordinated team effort to push the giant ball into the goal.

Because much time is spent defying physics, bouncing around and colliding into other cars, this game doesn’t require the speed critical reactions like Starcraft does. So essentially, you can still have a lot of fun and kick some goals despite the lag.

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Why on earth would we put a dynamic first person shooter on this list?

Well, slow Internet, while being a problem isn’t the only source of high ping rates. Another factor is distance. Connecting with players in Europe and North American can increase ping times to unplayable rates.

So why CS:GO? In Australia, there’s an active CS:GO scene out there to compete against locally. The more players there are, the better everyone will be with the increased competition.

In the last couple of years, Australia has produced world class CS:GO teams. Which goes to show for any esport – quit complaining about the lag and let’s just get onto the gaming.

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