Mico and His Dota 2 Adventures – Episode 1 into the Abyss:

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3629 Hours and many more. Numerous Godlike Sprees,

One mission. One purpose.

Mikomoto’s http://www.dotabuff.com/players/121107999

Adventure to 5k MMR.

Dota 2

2 Sides, 2 teams battle it out for one purpose. To destroy the enemys throne. Easy right… Wrong! This complex game comprises teamwork, strategy and roles. To some it means nothing and to others it means everything.

This game has 2 options you can play (normal mode) where you can just look at things don’t do anything switch your brain off and play with 5 year old who cries like little baby’s or come join The Beast Mode League (MMR).

You see this journey started as a happy fun thing… Wrong! This dangerous journey is like swimming through a swamp of crocodiles and your foot is leashed onto a 20kg weight.

Why do I go this far and waste time? I don’t know… Same thing as asking Neo why he took the blue pill from Morpheus. Once you take the plunge into rabbit hole and the higher MMR Rank you attain the more you lose yourself.

Why is it so addictive? I’m sure it’s the competitive nature of it, it pushes myself to become a better player… Really? A better player… is becoming a better player the same thing as becoming a better person in real life? Ofcourse not but I always wanted to push my limits and skills at the same time creating chemistry with teammates as this game is team based… no matter how good you are but if you and your team don’t have chemistry your just wasting time.

The Journey.

I’m a 3.8k player stuck in this ello hell, I’ve dropped from 4.5 to 3.8K.



I don’t know maybe I’m not good enough… I don’t really blame others. I’ve already past the stage of analysing my games. Have I stopped improving? Probably…

Do I still have a chance to get to 5k…

Yes. One day.

I’ll be streaming my games from now on to show my Journey to the Abyss. Follow me on this blog and I will twitch my stream. Everyday around 7-9 pm.

Mikomoto Out!