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Help! What’s a MOBA?

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As a newbie to the Esport world, you’ve probably seen the word MOBA being flung around. In this quick 1 minute article, we’ll explain what a MOBA is, in easy layman’s lingo.

So, what’s a MOBA?

MOBA may sound like some sort of bacterial life form, but it is an acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

Games that come under the MOBA umbrella include Defence of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2), League of Legends (LOL) and Heroes of the Storm.

The MOBA genre is considered to be an offshoot of Real Time Strategy (RTS) games. DOTA 2 itself is a spinoff from a custom map from RTS game StarCraft.

MOBA games are characterised by a top down view, teams of 2-6 players and generally the aim of the game is to cross a map and destroy the other team’s base or tower.

What’s so great about MOBAs?

MOBAs hog a lot of the limelight in esport, as it is home to the richest gaming tournaments. DOTA 2 holds the record, with a ridiculous prize pool in 2015 of $US18.4 million.

As with other sports like the footy, it’s in MOBAs where impossible wins and epic storylines are written from unexpected and daring players. Like this DOTA 2 play that ultimately won $6 million in 2015’s International tournament.

Further to that, the top down perspective and the infinite complexities of strategy available in MOBAs creates a spectator game that is seriously fun to watch.

So if team spirit and skillful strategy are up your alley, then have a look at MOBAs as your entry into the world of esport.

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